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Shopping Web Store NATURA VITA e is simple. From product selection to the dispatch of the order processing you need is a couple of steps in a few minutes.

1 User Registration

STEP 1 .: type of user account

At the beginning it is necessary to choose the correct type of user account, ie whether you are "Non-Business" or "business". Since it will also depend on your options for their online shop e NATURA VITA. 

STEP 2 .: User Data

It is necessary to fill in all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk.

At the contact information http://www.equelates.com listed, if successful orders will be sent ordered products.

To subscribe to the vendor is required Your e-mail address and password that you enter when registering to login. You can at any time after registration, you can update. The exception is that you specify an e-mail to sign, which will not be changed, as this e-mail is used as an identifier system. In short, one e-mail, you can create only one user account and if you want to have an account to another e-mail. it is necessary to newly register.

Send the registration form processing is possible only with the consent of "Business Conditions" by checking the appropriate box.

STEP 3 .: result of registration

If you entered the correct information required for the registration, the registration result will be informed to the e-mail, and receive the automatically generated message with your credentials and activation link where you can click on to activate your user account Web Store e NATURA VITA so that you can log in to shop comfortably.

2 Login

For login you need to enter your login e-mail specified at registration and the current login password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can have sent a temporary password generated in the "Forgot your password?".

If you are logged in, you can conveniently buy track the status of their orders, change their data and engage in discussions.

3 Adding products to cart

Is possible only for registered users, ie. that if you want to buy, you must first register and then log into the system.


For each product, you will notice the number of items in stock, if you can order more items than the stock.

After adding the product / s to cart, individual numbers and items you can modify the detail items in your cart. Unless you change the number of products ordered, you must update the contents of the cart. Before sending your order you can also write a note to your order.

Please note that if within 24 hours of the products in the basket will be sent for processing orders, the system deletes them.

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